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Since our founding in 1999, we’ve been guided by a simple promise: to provide Ready-To-Work, refurbished equipment to the HDD industry. Ready-To-Work is a promise built on trust—a trust that every rig, every piece of equipment, every tool, is certified ready to earn a return on investment the moment it hits your job site.

Over fifteen years and 1,000 rigs later, we have grown into a global leader in used HDD rigs, support equipment and tooling. Our success can be directly traced to our commitment to the Ready-To-Work promise.

In September 2015, we merged operations with StraightLine HDD, Inc. An early pioneer in HDD, StraightLine HDD has a rich history as a leading provider of down hole tools, wear parts and accessories for all HDD makes and models. Beyond tooling, StraightLine’s expertise—borne from thousands of hours spent in the field building partnerships and learning—is unequaled in the industry.

Together, our company’s depth of HDD knowledge, combined with a vast expertise in identifying tailored solutions, produces a bold new option for operator’s seeking to boost efficiency and profits. Of course, the Ready-To-Work promise continues as our guiding principal.


Together, Source: HDD, Inc. Vice President of Sales, Jay Cary (left) and President Joe Phillips (right) have over three decades of technical knowledge and HDD field experience.




Used Equipment Manager, Alan Koller, tests and validates used rigs (top) and provides operational guidance with prospective clients (bottom).


Ready-To-Work  |red-ee-to-wurk|
1. a promise
2. pertaining to equipment or tooling from Source: HDD; a state of applying our expertise to all equipment and tooling to ensure it is job site ready

“For used equipment, new and used manufactured parts and tooling, Ready-To-Work means we have applied our knowledge and expertise to identify the correct solution for your specific rig, condition, problem and business need.”

-Joe Phillips
, President, Source: HDD, Inc.




As HDD evolved from a crude technique with limited application to the mainstream installation method it is today, we were there. As an early pioneer, our engineers logged thousands of hours in the field, getting dirty, forging partnerships—and learning.

Today, we know what works—and what doesn’t. It’s this knowledge that gives us an edge in helping our partners succeed. It’s a total solutions approach—from used rigs and equipment to off-the-shelf, new custom tooling, hammers and mixers—all Ready-To-Work.



Over the years, we’ve logged thousands of hours in the field. Field engineer, Ron Becker, has been active in the field since the 1990’s (above). Today, Ron can still be found in the field helping partners find solutions (left).

Meet Your Team

The merger of Source: HDD and StraightLine HDD brings together a team with dozens of years of collective HDD expertise and specialized knowledge—all working together to ensure you get the Ready-To-Work solutions you need.

Buying from Source: HDD is different: they really go out of their way to help you and obviously place a lot of value in building relationships. Jesse Wilcoxson - Fusion HDD, LLC - Oklahoma City, OK

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100’s of rigs available
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Turn any rig into a
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HDD support equipment
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Mix faster and
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1,000’s of parts for
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New & used pipe available
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